• Showbox Sites Settle With Movie Companies, Warn Users of Lawsuits

    Two websites promoting the 'pirate' video streaming app Showbox have settled their legal dispute with a group of movie companies. The terms of the settlements are private and the site owners remain anonymous. However, the sites in question now display a scary warning, telling visitors that they are being watched too.

    Showbox apk

    The popular Android-based app Showbox is used by millions of people.

    It allows users to stream movies and TV shows via torrents and direct sources, all through a Netflix-style interface.

    Many of these videos are pirated. This is a thorn in the side of the movie industry, and some companies are doing everything in their power to contain the problem.

    Earlier this year a large coalition of independent movie studios, including the makers of Dallas Buyers Club, filed lawsuits against several websites that distributed Showbox.

    In one case, they obtained a subpoena ordering Cloudflare to reveal the identities of the operators behind Showboxbuzz.com, Showbox.software, Rawapk.com, Popcorn-time.to, Popcorntime.sh, YTS.ag, and YTS.gg.

    In a related case, GoDaddy was ordered to reveal the identity of the domain registrant of Showboxappdownload.com.

    These requests for information triggered a response from the operators. On the same day last month, the Showboxappdownload.com operator and the person who uploaded the app to Rawapk asked the court to quash the subpoena, so they could proceed under a pseudonym.

    Before the courts ruled on the matter, both defendants, who could be one and the same, settled their cases. As a result, both cases were dismissed last week without revealing their identities.

    The terms of the settlements are not public. However, if we look at the sites in question they no longer link to the Showbox app. The Showbox file was removed from Rawapk and showboxappdownload.com now shows a warning.

    The message, which is likely part of the settlement, makes it clear that Showbox can be used for infringing purposes. In addition, it warns users that they may be tracked.

    “Show Box is NOT a legitimate software platform for viewing Copyright protected movies. If you use ShowBoxApp to view copyrighted movies, the movie studios may be able to see your IP address and your viewing history,” it begins.

    While it’s hard for copyright holders to track pirating users who use Showbox to stream from central servers, those who use torrents can indeed get in trouble. The warning makes that pretty clear as well.

    “Movie studios are cracking down on illegal downloading and are filing lawsuits against users of ShowBox app. Websites that promote and/or distribute ShowBox are also being pursued by the movie studios for promoting illegal activity,” it adds.


    The message is obviously meant to deter visitors from using the app, but there’s some truth to it.

    The plaintiffs involved in these case include Bodyguard Productions, Cobbler Nevada, Criminal Productions, Dallas Buyers Club, and Venice PI, which have all sued individual BitTorrent users.

    The warning message is not limited to Showboxdownload.com either. A similarly worded notice appears on Showboxbuzz.com, which was also targeted in the Cloudflare subpoena earlier.

    With the settlements, the cases against two defendants are now over. However, the aforementioned movie companies are not done with Showbox yet. They filed an amended complaint which lists the Indian company Galbatross Technologies as one of the main targets.

    The movie companies allege that Galbatros, which describes itself as a “performance driven digital marketing agency,” is a driving force behind the showboxappdownload.co site that remains online today.

    Based on information provided by hosting company Digital Ocean, the movie studios learned that Galbatross operates the website showbox.co, which shared a virtual server with showboxappdownload.co.

    In addition, one of the defendants also admitted that he worked with Galbatros on the site in question.

    “Defendant Himanshu Saxena has admitted that Defendants Galbatross, Gaurav Jaggi and he owned, hosted and were involved with showboxappdownload.co in an email communication,” the amended complaint reads.

    The site itself lists Mark Willow as owner and Andy Crow as the supposed founder of Showbox.

    The movie companies believe that these persons do not exist, at least not to the extent the website describes. There are no records of the associated corporation Showbox Inc, they add, noting that the California address doesn’t exist either.

    The complaint further lists the website show-box.en.uptodown.com/android as well as several other named defendants, who are all accused of copyright infringement through their involvement with the Showbox app.

    The movie companies hope that the lawsuit will put a dent in Showbox’s popularity. They want the sites to shut down and hope to recoup some of the claimed damages as well.

    And perhaps they’ll put up more warnings too.

  • 15 Cool Games Like ROBLOX You Can Play

    When one thinks about a game’s long term prospects, it’s important to note that gamers remain interested because of the freedom, tools, and the depth that a game offers. Gaming is all about letting the players be creative and help them open the portal of their imagination and expand upon it. One such game that lets you do exactly that is ‘ROBLOX.’

    ROBLOX has been providing players with all the necessary tools to create their own game within a game and share it with the community since 2005. A game built for the target market of 8 to 20 year-olds to sharpen their memory, enhance coordination, develop spatial skills and of course, to have fun with it.

    ROBLOX falls in the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) category of video games where the player can interact, befriend, and play with fellow gamers all around the globe, as well as customizing their game avatar, leaving feedback on others’ creations, and trading in-game currencies. If ROBLOX is not enough to let your creative juices flowing, check out the list of 15 games similar to ROBLOX that allow a similar level of freedom while letting you test your creativity, and build your very own game world.

    1. Minecraft

    One of the most famous and most played titles in the world-building sandbox genre is Minecraft. The game lets players construct buildings in its procedurally generated world. It not only allows the players to use unlimited resources to create and build beautiful bases but also includes exploration, crafting, and combat, to maintain health while also surviving.

    Minecraft also provides a multiplayer layer to its game where the players can create and share the different maps to play in. Here are 10 Best Minecraft Maps for you to enjoy different aspects of the Minecraft world.

    Get it here ($26.95)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

    2. Terasology

    Terasology is an open source game which provides the player a beautiful sandbox with elements from other genres. Even though the game is still adding new features, it already offers some fresh ideas compared to games of the same genre. This is a game that gives the players a similar experience to Minecraft, where the players can create their own worlds for other players to visit.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows

    3. Trove

    Trove mixes sandbox with the MMO arena, and it provides the players an adventure in its large universe. This allows the players to enter numerous worlds through the HUB area and enjoy the various dungeons, get loot, and build their own home known as ‘cornerstone.’ The game offers the players with different classes to choose from and the characters get abilities based on the chosen classes.

    Along with creation, multiplayer gameplay andadventures, the game also offers a huge variety of customizable items to the players, so that they can keep changing the outlook of their in-game avatars.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

    4. CastleMiner Z
    CastleMiner Z

    CastleMiner Z, the sequel to popular Xbox Indie title CastleMiner, offers players a Minecraft inspired procedurally generated world in which they have to survive against all odds. Even though the game was primarily released as a survival title, requiring players to craft weapons and defend themselves against horrid monsters, it offers players a Creative Mode in which they have the complete freedom to create vast structures with a variety of different blocks.

    The game was initially released on Xbox 360 and PC, but is currently only available for PC players. In its current state, the game offers a total of 4 different game modes, including an Endurance Mode, a Survival Mode, a Dragon Survival Mode, and a Creative Mode.

    Get it here ($3.99)

    Availability: Windows

    5. Garry’s Mod
    Garrys Mod

    If you’re looking for the ultimate physics sandbox adventure then you should definitely check out Garry’s Mod, a game which doesn’t really have any objective, allowing players to do practically anything that they want, quite a lot like ROBLOX but with better graphics. You can spawn a wide variety of objects, weld them together to create new objects, spawn characters on said objects and enjoy the stupidity that ensues.

    The game has a strong community that keeps on adding content that you can access if you’re not much of a builder yourself. There are a plethora of mods, a number of elaborate games within the game, and some exceptionally silly experiences to enjoy.

    Get it here ($9.99)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

    6. Cubic Castles

    As the name suggests, Cubic Castles lets you pack your bags and be on your way to an adorable adventure to the “Cubic Castles”. The world is built by the players, one cube at a time. The gameplay revolves around the journey of a player who creates realms, gather resources to craft blocks and other high-grade materials and start building numerous structures.

    Every creator secretly desires praise and admiration for their efforts. Cubic Castles lets the players visit each other’s realms to take inspiration from one another and create even better looking castles.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

    7. The Blockheads

    The Blockheads is a free sandbox game that takes place in a 2D block based game set in an ever evolving procedurally generated world. The players take control of characters known as ‘Blockheads’ that have the ability to create & destroy blocks and craft materials to create eye-catching buildings. The game also lets the players explore mountains, deserts, oceans and underground caves during different weather conditions and seasons.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Android, iOS

    8. Lego Worlds
    Lego Worlds

    If you’re a big Lego fan and have always wanted access to an unlimited number of blocks so that you could make your own Lego wonderland, then you should check out Lego Worlds – a Lego-themed sandbox game which will allow you to do just that, albeit with virtual Lego blocks.

    The sandbox mode in Lego Worlds is one of the best sandbox experiences available out there, allowing you to create absolutely anything you want using all of the game’s available materials and character design options.

    Get it here ($29.99)

    Availability: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

    9. Mythruna

    Mythruna blends world building with extensive crafting and adds a pinch of role-playing elements to make the gameplay even more fun. In Mythruna, you can create attractive worlds in the shape of a voxel to achieve a sweet sandbox role-playing experience.

    The game has been under development for quite some time, but it’s still available to play and it’s pretty fun. While it doesn’t look like the game will receive further updates anytime soon, it’s definitely a game you should check out if you want a ROBLOX like game with some RPG elements thrown in.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

    10. Minetest

    Minetest is another great open source voxel game engine which will allow you to play one of the several games already on offer, mod the available games to your liking or create your own game and enjoy it with other players online. The game features enormous maps that are 62000×62000 blocks in area and allow players to dig all the way up to 31000 blocks down or build 31000 blocks up, to create their own maps.

    There are also some epic texture packs that will allow you to mod the look and feel of your map, along with some cool automatic map generators that will create new maps for you based on set parameters.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android

    11. KoGaMa

    Much like Roblox, Kogama is a browser-based free game that allows gamers to create and design different sorts of games and levels, share and play with your online friends. Players get to use the terrain and logic in order to create their very own gaming experience. The possibilities of creating different games of different genres is what makes this game a must play for 3D multiplayer sandbox construction game lovers.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Browser

    12. Growtopia

    If you have been looking for a multiplayer creative sandbox platformer to get lost to during long travels to pass time without having to invest in a portable gaming device, this game is what you have been looking for. The game runs like a charm on smartphones (Android and iOS) and it’s is also available on Windows & macOS.

    Growtopia is a 2D multiplayer experience that lets the players build, play, trade, and explore with your friends. Being two-dimensional doesn’t take anything away from this game, as its colorful classic pixelated style more than makes up for it.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

    13. Creativerse

    Creativerse is another great free-to-play sandbox survival game which takes the idea of block based worlds to another level by offering a stunning amount of detail. The game is played in a procedurally generated world of blocks in which players can interact with the plants and animals around them, collect materials, craft items and build shelters to survive.

    Another thing that separates Creativerse from other games like it is the way it handles the building mechanics. The game gives players a good amount of control over the building materials, allowing full block rotation, offering blueprints, a handy autofill feature, wiring, and logic gates. There are even some great paid DLCs you can enjoy once you’re through with the base game.

    Get it here (Free)

    Availability: Windows, macOS

    14. Rising World
    Rising World

    Now, if you want a voxel based open-world sandbox that doesn’t have a simple block-based world and are looking for something that looks a bit more graphically advanced then you should take a look at Rising World. The game, which is still in early access, offers players the same freedom as ROBLOX in a procedurally generated world that looks rather stunning.

    Players can completely modify the environment with over 200 different building materials, over 200 different furniture and fixtures, and over 200 items. On top of that, the developers keep adding new content to the game with regular updates which is always a good sign.

    Get it here ($14.99)

    Availability: Windows, macOS

    15. Wurm Unlimited
    Wurm Unlimited

    The standalone version of Wurm Online, a fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Wurm Unlimited offers players freedom to completely customize how the game plays out. In the game players are in charge of server management, which gives them the opportunity to set custom skill gain rates, action speeds, creature count, and a lot more.

    As with most other MMORPGs, Wurm Unlimited also allows players to do everything from collect materials from the world around them to build their own homes in game. The game offers both PvE and PvP experiences, in a beautiful environment that can be altered as per your own needs.

    Get it here ($29.99)

    Availability: Windows, Linux

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    Some cool games like ROBLOX you can play
    All of the above-mentioned games are very similar to ROBLOX and if you are looking for some fun world building games with a twist, our list has you covered. These games provide the players with the freedom to indulge in the sandbox created by developers and also, create their own worlds within it. The tools these games provide bring endless possibilities and you can create your own utopia in a virtual world, where you can build everything from the ground up, brick by brick, or block by block.

    So, try out these games and let us know your favorite world building game. Sound off in the comments section below.

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